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Back! Well, sort of… (#E4)

Hey folks, I’m back! ;)
Two months off the blog seemed like a long time, but actually it wasn’t. After filing taxes and hosting my brother for a week, I also got snail mail from the long-forgotten dispute with the German propaganda agency “ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice”, formerly known as GEZ. And as they finally decided (after 1.5 years!) that they don’t care about my arguments and they also snooped my new address from the registration office, they let me know. I had the choice between accepting paying 18€ A MONTH for one-sided fake news that I don’t listen to (not even having a TV or radio to do so) or to start a pointless legal battle – so I went to court to just do that. […]

Death and Taxes (#E3)

Well, not the Path of Exile map that screwed me over last week because animated weapons friggen fly above the ground and are entirely unaffected by my sparker build…no, it’s about the real taxes that are as certain and inevitable as death itself.

Apparently, it is that time of the year where the German tax authorities want the tax declaration for the last year, so I got to comply if I do not want to be fined. As this is my first real (required) filing, I need some time off to prepare the documents. I did one voluntarily for 2012 last December, but that’s not legally decided yet…5 months are indeed a very short amount of time to decide about a few thousand Euros spread across maybe 50 pages of paper :) But the mills of bureaucracy like to be fed well, and so I’ll pour in documents for tenfold that amount this time. […]

About “wanhunglo”… (#E2)

Got a strange message to the moar@ address some time ago…still cannot decide what to do with it.

Dear President or CEO,
I am grateful for you checking this letter out. We are a Chinese domain registrar. Recently, we received the registration request from MCLK Global Ltd applying to register wanhunglo brand and domain names(cn hk etc), which have same main body as your company’s name. We send this letter to confirm with your company whether or not you authorize them to register those names. Please give me your thoughts ASAP so as to let us carry on, Thanks.


On the Move… (editorial note #E1)

Hey, just some announcements and technical details for people out there that think about WordPress hosting.

I switched hosting providers this weekend, moving away from (Domain-Offensive) to Uberspace. I’d still recommend DO for registering domains and very basic web hosting, yet their proclaimed WordPress (and other CMS) support doesn’t really cut the mustard. They do have proper support with people that are helpful and skilled, but they won’t change a crucial detail – so I’ve got to leave. A friend of mine introduced me to Uberspace, which looks very promising. […]

Hello World! (WHL #0)

Oh, look, it works!

Now, let me give a formal introduction: This is gonna be a blog about cheap electronics and electronic building blocks from our friends in China and the surrounding countries, sold via the known el-cheapo platforms like eBay, AliExpress, DealExtreme and so on. You know, microcontroller boards, voltage regulators, sensors, batteries and chargers, mechanical connectors, you name it. This is not about Gadgets (read: mostly smartphones) or novelty toys (read: bisphenol infested garbage for kids) – it’s about the basic stuff you’ll need for your DIY electronics. […]