Oral-B toothbrush stand generation upgrade (#P22)

After just eleven years of excellent service, my Oral-B 25.526.3/”9500 Triumph” electric toothbrush died from mechanical failure – the gears went a bit toothless (oh the irony), so while vibration was still on, it wouldn’t rotate the brush. I did exchange the NiCd battery some years ago, but the drive cannot be disassembled, so that was a total loss. Meh.
At the time I spent 70€ and this model was on the higher end of the Oral-B product line. 11 years later even the cheapest models are lithium battery based and I would expect essential technology has trickled down to the base models. I don’t need a 3D mouth scanner integrated to the brush that tells an Android app how well and often I clean my chompers, so the high end (now 250€+!) isn’t of interest to me. I’ve got enough IoT snitches around, I don’t need another one. So I went with with the middle-class “Pro 2 2000N” model.
Simple, clean, no display but a duo LED (I do miss the charge state indicator a bit), slimmer design and a lithium battery. Slower charger due to EU regulations that can be circumvented by producing even more inefficient power supplies that qualify for an exemption – due to low power output. 40€ shipped.
Oh, it’s so basic it doesn’t even offer a stand. It’s thin and tall, and it topples easily. That won’t last with braindead me at typical brushing time. I had to convert my old stand for this unit.

As you can see, the center ring is detachable and held in place by a thousand hooks, nooks and crannies.

Those who’d like to comment something on the lines of “eww…” – again, this was in use for 11 years, please do show me your unit at that age. As it was dishwasher-proof, it sometimes took a ride in there. Everything that is still left afterwards probably doesn’t live and procreate, so who cares. There once was a bottom piece that kept all the drops inside and made things go nasty REALLY really quick – the accessories group at Oral-B probably isn’t staffed with the brightest people out there.

Now, as this is not a simple geometric shape, I actually had three models printed so far, and I’m still not entirely satisfied with the result. Here’s v2 and v3 from the top (note the different printing alignment for smoother surface)

and the bottom. The rougher surface here due to angled printing certainly isn’t perfect, but still dishwasher-proof (I think it’s ABS and not PLA or PETG, but not sure…), so maybe not that much of a problem. I’d still like to get that fixed in v4…some day in the future.

Here’s an animated version of the changes in three revisions – I just found out that it’s really simple to create an animated GIF in current versions of GIMP. D’oh :)

Files are on thingiverse as usual, and here’s the raw files for grabs: RSDOC and STL.

Note that this is a bit more work in progress than usual, but it’s working so far…

Feel free to just extract the nipple and build your own stand if yours didn’t come with one. While I did create that model on my own, I guess even the brush footprints should be available somewhere on the interwebs, as these are pretty popular. That’ll make the angled printing easier, but the brush mounts are somewhat delicate. Make your own and share it!

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