The WHL Director of Human Resources (#R17)

We at Wan Hung Lo Enterprises have grown considerably over the years. Our new director of HR (so high up he doesn’t even need a name) now sends out strange mails to the peasants that also don’t have a name, not even a number…

Wait a minute, it’s still me running the whole show, TF is that?

Well, looks like Titan Technology (the cooler and fan specialists that were pretty popular fifteen years ago – still in business!) might have lost a bit of their customer database. I think I enquired a long time ago for a datasheet and needed to provide an email address for that; it’s not the one shown below, this mail was received by the catchall option that typically categorizes those mails as spam right away. Maybe there were some losses when extracting the data from Titan, or, as seen on the blue link that actually has a messed up, non-functional <a href=""> tag, the spammer simply fucked up a lot of things in that mail.

I haven’t received any other mail* to that or the correct address since, so the data set probably isn’t in big circulation already, but I will disable both variants once Titan has commented on that story. It’ll be redirected to /dev/null instead of refusing to accept, so it works like a black hole and doesn’t annoy the legit mail servers between the spammers and my hoster. This strategy of unique, easy-to-disable mail addresses has been proven very useful for a bunch of shops and forums already, since everybody seems to leak critical data left right and center nowadays.

Still, glad I have an HR director that approves of my vacation plans, even as a terminated employee… 🙈

*Meanwhile, I have: Two, to be precise. Titan has not yet answered my mail.

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