Bloody chip markings (#R6)

Geez. Just wasted half an hour finding a part number with the actual part in my hands. Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe I should have slept more or less (noon isn’t too bad on a Sunday, is it?). Maybe chip markings are getting dumber with every nonsense package invented. Maybe I should purchase components on my own so that there’s some mail history about it. Who knows.

Care to find that on your own? Now’s the time.

Hints: That’s not TO-220, obviously. It’s also not D2PAK/TO-262 (available in DPAK, though)

It’s a N-channel MOSFET with LV-TTL compatible gate threshold voltage.

And it’s from ON Semi. What a hint :lol:
Well, it says VNH22 48 15NG on the package, and something teeny-tiny inside the stamping…







Yeah. So you folks at ON tell me that “VNH22” (five letters) is the date/fab code in AYWW (FOUR letters) notation where A can even be OMITTED? Fuck off, who invented that bullshit?

Also, didn’t you have enough space to put 4815NG in a single line? In hindsight I was stupid to not search for it, as I would have found the datasheet for the similar NTD4809N device, capable of 58A instead of 35A at a lower RDSon. Available in similar IPAK PITA cases with long and short legs as well as DPAK. Clearly a sibling. But for those, “48” and “09NG” is split into two rows as per spec. WHY?

Alright. Back to schematics and PCB design. Now I know package type and pin mapping…ah well, let’s just use a DPAK, I’m almost out of stock anyway.

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