Useful Arduino libraries (#E10)

Here’s a random thing: I’m currently tidying up work projects and I decided to stick all Arduino (and later: Kicad) libraries into one company git repository to not only back up local progress, but also to make it easier to sync a few lesser used machines with my main one. And as I often ping back and forth with my home gear (yes, idiots like me like to tinker at home as well), I always run into troubles manually syncing those.

git submodule add does a great job here – no need to upload all stuff to the main git, it’ll record independent submodules and clone them as required. I think that’s git pull --recurse-submodules and git submodule update --recursive for their newest versions, but RTFM. My git-fu unfortunately is at the xkcd 1597 level.

I finally brought them to a common setup, and here’s the repos that I have used in the past or present:

I wouldn’t consider any of those a trade secret, and the only thing that I have used exclusively at work would be RS485 – which doesn’t require ANY library, as you hook up the SO-8 driver chippie to RX/TX pins and hope for the best. And, well, RS485 usage in an industrial environment is a huge revelation to our competitors, I guess :roll: Everything else has at least seen one flash cycle from home, so that’s dope. Enjoy!
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