33pcs Security Bit Set with Magnetic Extension Bit Holder Tamper Star Screwdriver Bits Set (WHL #52)

Ever had problems removing second-gen security screws, you know, those with the asymmetrically placed security pin? “No”, you say, these don’t exist?

Well…that might be true, but AliExpress already has bits for it. Bought in mid-August for 3.75€, fully refunded after my complaint.

Comes as a really dense item packaged in the usual grey plastic envelope thingy. Mould quality beyond scrap, bottom piece is held in shape by the bits for the most part. Well, will do as a free bit holder for my existing bits, always hard to complain about freebies.

Just take a minute and admire the center drillings. Almost every torx and hex key has an off-center hole, some almost touch the outer shell. Even the spanner bits are off, especially the first (largest) one, smaller side is 1.1mm vs. 1.9mm on the longer side. These hyper security screws/bits are certainly the next level in customer repair agony, can someone please tell Apple about it? :lol:

See, all it takes to come back to the core of Wan Hung Lo item presentation is a to-be-scrapped power supply with tri-wing screws and a subsequent order of security bits for that purpose. Glad nothing has changed and some Chinese sellers still try selling absolute trash to the world…

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