Dremel 575 Right Angle Attachment (WHL #78)

I recently got a Dremel 575 90° adapter for tackling a problem that would have been much easier to solve in 4D space – and I returned it the next day for a new unit. It was running pretty rough due to the input shaft actually wobbling around by a millimeter, but even with that fixed in the second unit, it still has a very harsh, grinding, mechanical sound to it. I do not dare to run this at full speed of my 35krpm Dremel 4000, although the one-page manual does not specify any restrictions.

(I know, colors are off, I twiddled with the camera settings on my recent vacation…that made me miss a blog post on top of that!)

Since I have not found any video/audio footage of the thing actually running and making that miserable noise, here’s a snippet for you. It compares three configurations:
* Bare Dremel 4000 with only the 4486 tool-less drill chuck mounted (an absolute MUST-have – sub-10€ price point, used 99% of the time on my unit, those standard collets are pure cancer)
* Flexible shaft attachment 225 that uses the same drive socket as the 575 does; this was included in the large 4/65 Dremel set that I originally bought
* And of course the 575 90° attachment, also with no tool inserted

They all ramp up to somewhere between 25k and 30k rpm, the 575 more on the lower side of that range (the audio’s clipping anyways…). The orientation of the 575 relative to the main unit does not matter as it’s simply rotated by plugging in at a different angle (12 stops, so 30-ish degrees of rotation).

So yes, that noise seems correct for 575 attachments and overall quality does not meet my expectations of Dremel accessories. Also note that for inserting tools, you should not use the blocking pin of the Dremel tool, but instead insert a cutter or something to the end and block rotation that way. This apparently might warp the drift shaft and is described in the manual, but is not obvious to the user. The 225 flexible shaft has a similar issue but they simply added another blocking pin at the tool hand grip, which is much more user friendly and almost idiot proof. And they only charge 25€ for the 225, while a 575 is 35€. Well, it’s needed for specific applications, but I’d certainly not recommend it for daily use.

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