Batches of GEEETECH 1kg 1.75mm PETG 3D Printer Filament Vacuum Packaging Overseas Warehouses Fast Ship (WHL #89)

Well, this might be obvious for everyone that has been into 3D printing for a long time, but I completely fell for it.
For a current project that’ll take a couple kilograms of material in chunks of like 500 to 700g, and the recent singles day/11.11. sales frenzy, I bought (among other spools) 3x 1kg of Geeetech PETG white. I previously bought a single roll of that exact “700-001-1310” stuff, so I figured I could just print one of the parts for as long as the filament lasts, and then simply switch over to the new spool.

Of course I was mistaken.

Look at that turd. While I might be responsible for it not fusing properly because I interrupted the print for a second instead of externally splicing the strings, that stuff has clearly a different (darker) tint and shade of white, it has (out of the vacuum sealed bag) way more specks and pimples in the finished print, it shows a different surface glow, and it warps on one side.

Not impressed.

Also not impressed when the thing is illuminated by a flashlight, as now the new material is more translucent than the older stuff, and it becomes more clear that this isn’t the same PETG I had before:

Old spool:

New spool:

Could “BTBD062BD” vs. “BTBD075AC” be a lot number? And why is there another number “BTBD086BE” on the other two units, did they ship crap from two separate batches that I, once again, cannot combine in a print?

Safe to say I asked Geeetech for clarification. In the mean time, but probably only once I’ve swapped boards for more silent drivers, I will print the very same thing with PETG white from Sunlu. And then I will print another one, also spanning the last 400ish grams of the first spool to about 200g into the next one. All of their spools carry the exact same label, but Sunlu hasn’t mastered the art of vacuum sealing moisture sensitive goods yet. Gotta move that into a dry environment a day or two before printing…

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