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TOMLOV DM9 Max 10.1″ HD IPS HDMI Digital Microscope 1500X 20MP Coin Microscopio Magnifier Soldering Microscopes For Repairing (WHL #100)

Aah. Looks like #100 is finally here.

So why not spend a hundred bucks and buy something nice? Something that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time now, but with the professional options up in the thousands of Euros, and the cheapo versions (for a tenner, or two) making my skin crawl?

Well, here’s my new digital microscope, a Tomlov brand DM9 Max. Apparently pretty new, only released in the last month or so. Couldn’t even find it on Amazon, eBay or (whoa) a regular shop in Germany, so I ordered directly from Tomlov via AliExpress. […]

MicroSD speed comparison – genuine cards and a Chinese fake (WHL #96)

Since I don’t want to become the BigClive of the text blogging world, I pretty much have to stop rambling about fake flash drives (NVMe, SATA SSD, USB drives and SD cards) from China. Clive himself knows that too much ozone content makes his audience yawn ;)

So, as Easter (read: the couple holidays around it) is a great opportunity to run some backups and digitally clean up the place, here’s a quick speed test comparison on the history of MicroSD cards. It all started with my troublesome RPi4 having high iostat values all the time, leading to a new card for my laptop backup drive, which in return handed down his MicroSD to the Pi. […]

Samsung USB 3.1 Flash Drive BAR Plus MUF-256BE3/EU – further degradation(WHL #45F1)

Well here’s a first :lol:
I’m about to RMA a piece of hardware, and I needed performance data from when the thing was new. Probably got a screenshot from back then, but searching for it on a machine that is inconvenient to access…just search the interwebs instead. And so I did, and entered the Google image search, and found what I needed. Yeah, turns out I just found my very own website. :unsure:

So, here’s the culprit again:

It’s not used that often, currently holds 110GB of WSUS data and some deep learning test dataset, so almost half of the drive is empty and performance is getting worse. […]