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TOMLOV DM9 Max 10.1″ HD IPS HDMI Digital Microscope 1500X 20MP Coin Microscopio Magnifier Soldering Microscopes For Repairing (WHL #100)

Aah. Looks like #100 is finally here.

So why not spend a hundred bucks and buy something nice? Something that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time now, but with the professional options up in the thousands of Euros, and the cheapo versions (for a tenner, or two) making my skin crawl?

Well, here’s my new digital microscope, a Tomlov brand DM9 Max. Apparently pretty new, only released in the last month or so. Couldn’t even find it on Amazon, eBay or (whoa) a regular shop in Germany, so I ordered directly from Tomlov via AliExpress. […]

Brand New Portable SSD 1TB 2TB External Hard Drive Type-C USB 3.0 High-Speed External Storage Hard Disks For Laptops/Desktop/Mac (WHL #95)

AliExpress and their stupid game rules finally made me (inadvertently) buy* something that I heard about at least 13 years ago…a full-sized USB hard disk that only houses a tiny USB stick!

*Ackchyually, that is not quite correct. Like with the NVMe drive of WHL #92 that took me a long time to get refunded (and it only happened via PayPal, since AE to this day strongly believes in returns to fake warehouses in Afghanistan), this one also ended in a dispute and now I get to return it in exchange for a full refund. This time, though, to a warehouse in Germany, so I unfortunately cannot keep it, but now that I know how to find these…

But first things first, this is the fake USB drive that I remember seeing all over the interwebs:

Funny back then, but it probably consisted of a fully working USB drive, just a very small one compared to the expected HDD. […]