Hello World! (WHL #0)

Oh, look, it works!

Now, let me give a formal introduction: This is gonna be a blog about cheap electronics and electronic building blocks from our friends in China and the surrounding countries, sold via the known el-cheapo platforms like eBay, AliExpress, DealExtreme and so on. You know, microcontroller boards, voltage regulators, sensors, batteries and chargers, mechanical connectors, you name it. This is not about Gadgets (read: mostly smartphones) or novelty toys (read: bisphenol infested garbage for kids) – it’s about the basic stuff you’ll need for your DIY electronics.

I do have quite a lot of these already, and I finally came to a point in having enough measuring equipment ready to actually characterize my new arrivals. With the demise of my prior private blog at blog.de (thanks, avaricious folks of populis), I had done some research on alternative blogging platforms anyways, and I finally decided to start my own electronics blog. Here, I can put up all details of my new toys on a single platform, while previously some were put to Fingers Welt (sorry, crazy Germans only), some to more computer-specific forums, some mailed to friends and colleagues, but most never made it to the outside world. It’s a shame to keep it for myself, as there are in fact great bargains out there, but also huge piles of dog turd that need to be avoided.

So, let’s go. I have no schedule for new postings and will add new stuff whenever I can. I already promise to get better photo equipment (Nokia N900, anyone?), but I do not intend to make video reviews of the stuff. But you’ll never know, let’s see how popular this blog is going to be :)

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