About “wanhunglo”… (#E2)

Got a strange message to the moar@ address some time ago…still cannot decide what to do with it.

Dear President or CEO,
I am grateful for you checking this letter out. We are a Chinese domain registrar. Recently, we received the registration request from MCLK Global Ltd applying to register wanhunglo brand and domain names(cn hk etc), which have same main body as your company’s name. We send this letter to confirm with your company whether or not you authorize them to register those names. Please give me your thoughts ASAP so as to let us carry on, Thanks.
Best Regards,
Jerry Chan

(plus some phone number and address stuff, but no company website or the like)

Well, in this (German) blog post, someone describes similar mails to actually sell top-level domains to people that already have a matching second-level domain registered. This is clearly not the case here, as I’m on the .com top-level and I couldn’t care less about some .com.hk domains ;)

The search for “MCLK Global Ltd” also only yields an identical post (sans the domain name) on a random google groups page…so – nice try, but I’ll pass. Still, I think the idea of some company registering the Wan Hung Lo® trademark and selling products by this name is hilarious! :lol:

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