3590S-2-103L 10K Ohm Rotary Wirewound Precision Potentiometer Pot 10 Turn vs genuine Bourns and Vishay pots (WHL #36F1)

Quick follow-up on the fake Bourns pots – only thing you get when reporting IP stuff is the following mail and a case ID:

尊敬的客户: 您好!



如果您对速卖通平台其他信息有所反馈, 为更专业快速处理您的投诉,请通过以下渠道提交:





顺颂 商祺!



Dear Bzzz, [No spacing between first and last name]

Re: Case number: <ID>

We refer to your recent report about suspicious product listing(s). Please submit evidence to prove the product infringing other‘s IPR.

In order for us to follow up your case effectively and efficiently, if you would like to report any other issues to us, kindly submit your complaint at:

If you are the IPR owner, please go to Alibaba Group IP Protection Platform (https://ipp.alibabagroup.com/);

If you are AliExpress seller and wish to complain another seller stealing your picture, please submit the listings through the following link: https://report.aliexpress.com/health/report.htm?type=productPublish

If you are buyer and wish to complain the product is not as described, you may open a dispute case on your orderlist page: https://trade.aliexpress.com/orderList.htm

If you have any other questions please consult Online Customer Service. Thank you for your kind attention to our platform, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation greatly!

Yours sincerely, AliExpress.com

PS. Please do not respond this email as it is generated and sent by the system.

“Online Customer Service” is a link, which conveniently leads to a page stating

对不起,参数验证失败 Sorry, Validation failed 對不起,參數驗證失敗 Произошел сбой в проверке данных Falha na verificação. Tente novamente. Verificación de parámetros fallida

and a button labelled “关闭” (“close”?), which does nothing. The bluish background is nice and the meep-meep crossed out GIF does not have transparency, but at least the Google Analytics JS crap is implemented correctly.

Yeah, so, I submitted pictures and a description of the infringement, what should I do? Submit the same stuff once again? Where or where to? There’s no link to an answer page, the mail says “do not respond” (and that’s probably true, reply-to address is aliexpress@notice.aliexpress.com – eat some spam!), and there’s no notification, open claim or whatever in the AliExpress user area. So…that’s how serious Ali is about product piracy. Who would’ve guessed… :???:

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