Seasonic modular power supply accessory cables list (#E20)

Here’s a quick PSA: Seasonic power supply cables. There are many, and apparently an important aspect is undocumented.
[Updated 2023-11-19]

This week I sold a Seasonic PSU that was part of a full system build. I didn’t need it, I already got two reasonably-sized Seasonic PSUs for my two active systems, and since I only swapped boards, I had a surplus one. Unfortunately (thanks, modular power supplies!) it didn’t come with all the cables installed. But since most Seasonic modular cables are interchangeable across all product lines, I could just fill in the gaps with spare parts from my stock, right? Well, yes…in theory.

Seasonic does provide very nice listings for each power supply, so it is immediately clear what cable types are shipped with each PSU (they differ across series and wattages of course). Here’s one of those graphics, click for the full image.

I don’t really understand why they list some cables that aren’t included in any of their products (of that series? maybe in others?), e.g. the single-terminal PCIe power cable, but then they don’t list ALL their cables, e.g. triple-terminal SATA cables are missing, so it’s a weird mix. A very useful one, though – for buyers.

When it comes to “what’s compatible with what”, there’s a separate page that has another not fully complete listing of cables: Seasonic Cable Compatibility

Screenshot attached for reference – please visit the website for current information, I’ll not be updating this:

Here’s the thing: The product page doesn’t tell you the cable SKU or identifier, and the compatibility page doesn’t tell you which cable comes with which product (so one could figure it out) nor does it list any specs directly. As I said, this is alright for buyers since they will receive a full set of cables – but what if I need to pick cables from a full box of them in order to ship a PSU with all the stuff that was included in the first place?

You might be saying: Dude, just get out the measuring tape. Yup, that’s the way to go for the obvious cases. xB82 and xB111 have their first SATA connector at roughly the same position, but the second one differs by 12cm. That’s easy. However that doesn’t work for all of them, otherwise we wouldn’t be here, right?
For example there’s xG27 and xG34 – PCIe power cables, two 6+2 pin connectors placed at 67cm and 75cm respectively. One is sleeved, one is flat ribbon cable. Which one is the right type? That was actually the question that sparked my investigation.
Or there’s xJ09, xJ11, xJ21, xJ23 and xJ26. All ATX power cables, some with inline capacitors, with nominal lengths of 60, 61, 62, 62.5 and 63 cm. Sure, it’s easy to tell which one is longer once you got them side-by-side, but would you go to the effort of removing one of them from your existing system for comparison? Could be a 63cm cable when it’s measured across the connectors – could be the 60cm one when it’s just pure cable length. That’s not specified anywhere.

As far as I know (after lots of googling!), Seasonic doesn’t provide lists of cable SKUs per power supply. Subsequently, they also do not sell replacement cables, since that would require some kind of product description, wouldn’t it…

But my inquiry on their website ultimately led me to Sander Europe, a German company that “only” sells server stuff B2B, except if you ask the right person nicely for it. Then they disclose that they have a special deal with Seasonic, as they are the sole distributor for spares and replacements in Germany, possibly also other countries in the EU. In that special case, they somehow sell B2C – but only then. I asked for a Supermicro TPM module in the very same mail: Nope, not a chance. They’d ship me a bunch of cables but would refuse to sell me literally anything else from the freely accessible part of their shop website – super strange, so we never made it to a deal.

Unfortunately, and I’m really sorry about this, my specific inquiry of “I need this cable and also that one” made them realize their cable information is partially visible on the web by mistake – and they’ve closed it down a little more. Not fully, and I’ve since scraped a lot of information off of the Wayback machine and the Google cache, but I might have ruined for everyone. So here’s the next best thing to crawling their web shop for further information: A precompiled list of Seasonic cables.

-> List of Seasonic cables: PDF version (Outdated version 1)

-> List of Seasonic cables: Spreadsheet version (Outdated version 1)

Or, you know, another large image:

(Outdated version 1)

Feel free to spread it around and please comment if you have further information on existing cable types or even new ones!

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Juuso Alasuutari

I have a Seasonic Focus Plus 750 Platinum (SSR-750PX). It came with the ATX cable labeled NJ26, EPS cables labeled NE28, and PCIe cables labeled NG40. Some observations:

– All of these 3 cable types have an inline capacitor, I’ve confirmed this by peeling the mesh sleeves. You might want to update your spreadsheet, as it doesn’t currently mention that xJ26 has a capacitor, and describes xG40 as unverified.

– Seasonic’s current cable info page doesn’t mention xJ26 at all, which I find odd on their part. Their recommendation for Focus Plus 750 is xJ23-xJ24, so I wonder what that’s all about. I suppose this may have something to do with them pruning their page, as you mentioned. As for the other two I have, xE28 and xG40, these do align with Seasonic’s description.

A huge thanks for taking the time to document your findings, these things are a pain when making custom cables or simply trying to not fry the motherboard!