Aircraft museum Laatzen and Wunstorf (#E22)

Among many other things, I visited two aircraft museums in the Hannover area, Luftfahrtmuseum Laatzen (south of Hannover), as well as JU52-Halle Wunstorf (north-west). Technically I also passed by a museum dedicated to helicopters, the Hubschraubermuseum Bückeburg, but I effing took too long visiting our colleagues nearby (so…technically also a business trip!), which made me arrive 20 minutes before they closed and they wouldn’t let me in (some do that, even at a reduced rate – probably wanted to go home early). These three are spaced apart 50km each, so with around 1.5 hours of travelling time in total, they can be visited in a single day if one starts early. If you’re in the Hannover area and can spare a day for aircraft tech – absolutely worth it!

JU52-Halle is about the main showpiece Junkers JU52/3m “Iron Annie” recovered from a Norwegian lake, but also features other aircraft (planes and helicopters) related to the army air base nearby, e.g. a full Transall C-160 that sits outside.

The JU52 is so massive that I don’t have the camera to capture it in full, the hangar is simply too small to step back far enough (plus there’s stuff hanging from the ceiling everywhere). Here’s one of the three motors:

Not my video, but this guy had better tech and access to the hangar during maintenance or even installation – just to get an idea.

The much larger Transall did (somewhat) fit, despite being 32m in length and 40m in width, compared to L19m / W29m of the JU52. I could simply go back another ten meters to make it work ;)

Museum Laatzen is similar in size, but with limited open space. They’re more into engines, despite also having several full helicopters and airplanes on display. Boy are they into the gory details of jet engines…

Oh, here’s a BMW I would consider :D

Anyway, if you’re interested in that kind of tech, do yourself a favour and visit those two/three places.

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