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10Pcs Electric Car Bike Toy Battery 18650 Spacer Radiating Holder Bracket Black (WHL #22)

…and 10PC 18650 Battery 4×5 Cell Spacer Radiating Shell Plastic Holder Bracket KT0569 as well (yeah, the second one is misleading, I know).

Today, I have some mechanical parts in preparation for another project. These are stackable 18650 battery holders without electrical contacts. I have some more holders for pure storage and also single (non-stackable) battery holders with contacts, but these are something in between.

Let’s have a look:

I actually ordered two variants of them, and as usual, a seller that has the one type doesn’t have the other in stock and vice versa – or they are super expensive. […]

Shootout: Antistatic ESD Wrist Discharge Band Grounding Prevent Static Shock Red vs. Pollin ESD Wristband vs. Vermason (WHL #3)

Pew pew!

Today, I have some ESD wrist straps ready for testing. While everybody in electronics is aware of the magic smoke escape problem (once it’s gone, it is very difficult to fill it back into your IC), electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection isn’t always first priority. I do save you from links to an east european “hacker” that employs high standards in this area ;) However, I’d like to link to NASA and the chip manufacturer Maxim that have some helpful sites about ESD. And, trust me, they do care about reliability of their products – which is why they do their best to prevent component defects or weakening by ESD. […]

19 pcs 1 Sets Opening Repair Tools Laptop Phone & Screen Disassemble Tools Set Kit For iPhone For iPad Cell Phone Tablet PC (WHL #2)


Today, I got a matching pack of non-electronic Wan Hung Lo Brand items for the last review: Opening tools!

Almost three years ago, I bought the first set of pry tools. Back then, choices were limited to “the” two different pry tools, the so-called Nokia tool (I just checked, they dropped that term) and a guitar pick (the one that I killed while opening the last power bank). The sellers also discovered that adding shitty screwdrivers will help them raising more money – which is still true as of today.

Nowadays, there is a much greater variety of tools available. […]