19 pcs 1 Sets Opening Repair Tools Laptop Phone & Screen Disassemble Tools Set Kit For iPhone For iPad Cell Phone Tablet PC (WHL #2)


Today, I got a matching pack of non-electronic Wan Hung Lo Brand items for the last review: Opening tools!

Almost three years ago, I bought the first set of pry tools. Back then, choices were limited to “the” two different pry tools, the so-called Nokia tool (I just checked, they dropped that term) and a guitar pick (the one that I killed while opening the last power bank). The sellers also discovered that adding shitty screwdrivers will help them raising more money – which is still true as of today.

Nowadays, there is a much greater variety of tools available. In this review, I’m gonna cover 14 of them, plus the two turd drivers kindly included by the seller ;)

I bought this set on AliExpress in January 2016, paying 3.45€ (free shipping). The original image is shown below.


Coolest seller slogans: (I think I should list these, they make up for a lot of pain during review)





The items as arrived, taken out of the zip lock bag (the envelope has been punctured in the center, WTF):

(yes, my lighting hasn’t improved since last post, but it will eventually ;) )

The pattern on the paper below is again the size of a square inch. I haven’t found clickedyclick gallery plugin to put all images into, so I just put them up one after another, describing each individual item.

So, let’s start with the screwdrivers. They are genuine Wan Hung Lo Brand, as you can imagine:





The seller did not say anything about the items, so I have to compare and guess. The Philips one is size PH000, as verified by comparison with my Wiha PH000. The other one might be a Pentalobe, but I am not sure about the head profile. It is however not Torx or Hex, as the profile has five sides, not six. The diameter is somewhere between teeny (0.8mm) and tiny (0.9mm), so a Pentalobe TS1 might be correct (A T0.5 Torx head is huge against this sucker!). I do not have fruity telephones or the like, so I cannot check and be sure about my findings.

Aside that, the grip is truly horrific and the plastics make your skin crawl. I cannot imagine anybody being tricked into using this steaming pile more than once unless World War III (now in 4K and 3D!) starts and all existing screwdrivers suddenly disappear. I even tried when taking a Tom Tom Navigation unit apart, and after two screws, I switched back to a proper screwdriver. So we have our first two winners, they are a true Wan Hung Low qualitty product!

Next up: The Metal Pry Bar, the only device that was named in the sellers’ description. This spatula actually isn’t that bad. Especially the more pointy side can slip easily under foils and in thicker gaps of devices. Thickness of the blades is 0.8mm each, going down to 0.4mm at the ends. Width is 6.3mm, which should be quarter of an inch (bloody yanks). It is quite sturdy (yet easy to scratch) and when not mixing toxic cocktails with it, they are actually nice to work with. Grips could be more pronounced, but that’s it. Notice that this is a metal tool (0.10 ohms end to end), so fiddling around in still battery powered (or even live) equipment is probably a bad idea.



The other metal tool is basically just a 0.3mm metal strip. Again there is one more pointy edge and a straight one. The center area has a sticker on both sides for easier handling. As you can see, I already bent it a little bit. The edges look sharp and badly manufactured (true WHL quality), but they don’t feel like it. However, when opening one of the power bank cases from last review I noticed some chipping. So be aware that this is a metal tool and you can easily scrap off edges and scratch the surface of your devices, while plastic tools are designed to be of the softer material and therefore not damaged your stuff.




Three items, one block of text: These are the “Nokia” tools. They have thin edges and are very easy to slide into gaps, having a small lever effect once fully inserted. I’m very happy to have a replacement for my old one which basically has lost all edges already ;)

The guitar picks however are quite different. They are made from the same cheap plastics that is used for game tokens and are 1.2mm thick (yanks again?). My old one was 0.7mm and flexible, these yellow ones do not only scratch themselves when under bright light, but also will break when you use them as a lever. I think we have two more true Wan Hung Lo products here. Better throw them away before you need to describe their quality and wash your mouth with soap afterwards.

Next: The two old pry tools and a double variant of it. These tools have been available for quite some time and I already bought an additional pack back in 2014. They are basically the same, only differing in the lever width and, to maintain stability and save material, in the shape of the handle bar. The dark blue one has the smaller type on both ends, which should drive the single-ended one out of business – usually they break at the tip, not the handle bar. They are useful to pry open large devices and keep cracks open until you release the plastic hooks all around, but they are also wearing out pretty quickly. So it’s handy to have some of them around, just in case.




I gotta ask you – what’s this good for? Size of the tip is 8.0mm by 2.0mm, three straight (non-thinned) single ends…I have no idea what to do with this thing.


The yellow bar is also new to me, but I immediately can spot a purpose. It’s designed like the old wide pry tool, but does not have an angled tip. It’s just a straight tool with narrowed tip. I guess it’s not as useful to open hidden hooks, but it might be more sturdy if you just need something to prevent accidential closing of already opened sections. See the image for size comparison – it is slightly wider, 9.8mm vs. 8.1mm.


There is also an interesting variant with a cross-shaped end and a smaller angled tip just as before. It is however noticeable thinner, which will render it unusable after the first levering action, you bet. The other end has three flattened tips, basically smaller Nokia tools with a different type (and angle) of lever on it. Haven’t used that yet, I’m eager to know where this could come in handy.




Now, the larger tools: Need to lever something? This one is for you. It has thick, angled ends, two sizes (8.1mm and 9.5mm) and looks heavy duty. I think that is my new favourite for prying big shit open. The ends are in fact quite thinned, but they will wear soon. Still, I think that is an excellent tool. Sturdy base, big lever effect.


The green stick should be the same thing as Dave Jones uses for pointing to stuff in his videos (just a different color). It has a very pointy end (with ugly moulding marks, gotta sand these off soon) and a thin, flat one with a notch close to the end. Not sure about the notch, maybe to pull out stuff when you cannot grab with your fingers? Anyway, I used the flat end to get into my to-be-repaired Tom Tom device, which has really tiny gaps around the front plate. And while the stick is not yet broken, you can clearly see the marks on the last picture. That one won’t last long, even if it’s a very useful tool to make room for bigger tools (like the metal strip shown above). I think I have a look if these can be purchased separately, I do like it even if the thin end is prone to fail quickly.






What’s left? The biggie. Again, if you have large devices to open, that might come in handy. But I doubt they have large spaces between the hooks, so you probably won’t be able to use this properly. Basically, this is the Hulk version of two tools shown already, the one side is even larger than the yellow tool (same straight edge), and the other one is a super sized blue tool. Maybe it’s appropriate for de-icing your toy car, but I’m still skeptical if this is useful in electronics disassembly.





One last thing: The cheesy display sucker. Dunno if that is really useful, I never had to use such a thing. But the metal ring might be nice for your keychain, not even the chinese factory worker thought about attaching it to the cheap sucktion cup.

Well, that’s it – what’s my verdict? For under 4 Euros, this is great bang for the buck. Sure, it’s (mostly) just moulded plastic parts, but unless you can do it yourself, this set of various shapes and forms is very handy for disassembly of electronic parts. There are some Wan Hung Lo products included, but the rest of it is fine and worth the money. I highly recommend getting such a set of tools – you will find your own favourites, and you can other these parts separately once you need them. I don’t see the point in getting smaller sets for the beginning, as I said, it’s not even 4€ delivered. So: Not terribly much WHL today, but I promise a fake Wan Hung Lo Brand (geez…) product in the very near future. Next blog entry will, however, be in the megaohm range ;) Stay tuned, don’t bzzz yourself.

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