Chart of Electromagnetic Radiations – vectorized (#P5F1)

News from the insane vectorizing bloke – the next part of the HUGE poster (see #P5 if you have no clue what I’m talking about) is sort-of ready. It’s the block on the lower left corner, describing reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, polarization and Doppler’s principle.

Demo PNG is below (click for 8.2 MP rendering), SVG download link at the end of the page.

Lessons learned:

  • I’m at 21% of the image area now (wohoo!), but that was probably the easiest 21%. Yet, with the steep learning curve, it’ll stay at roughly 1-2 hours of clickedidoo per percent of area. What did you expect at 70 MP total with that ungodly level of detail…
  • The OPTI Goudy font choice for the entire text will most likely not be final. It’s great for the medium headings and it comes really close to the original font, but it lacks Greek symbols for the image descriptions. Currently, I moved to Open Sans for that (by accident), but I haven’t replaced all of them yet. Some of the symbols in the image (Ny, Lambda, Theta, …) are still in Arial, which especially for Ny doesn’t look very fancy. But well, Ny is and always was a pain in the butt when a v is nearby. Professors with bad handwriting like that the most.
  • I had a nice 34″ 21:9 monitor visit me for a few days, and while the form factor fits the entire image really well IN FRIGGEN PIVOT MODE :mrgreen: , editing in that display orientation is a pretty bad idea. Ask your neck before it tells you. On the bright side, this unit answered a lot of open questions about my upcoming 21:9 display that will be actually the first flat screen monitor that I ever bought. And my neck survived the few many minutes when putting the six individual SVGs back together into this one, which makes Illustrator choke on its own SVG output. Yaay.
  • The nice pictures in the center and on the top of the poster will probably kill me – not sure how to deal with them except re-creating everything on a tablet. Or maybe doing specific small-scale vectorizing passes with Inkscape?
  • Arrows. Is there a way to insert a standardized arrow? Arrows in all sizes, orientations, lengths and oddly head shapes make up such a huge amount of points in this image…
  • For panels with black background, just invert them first, vectorize in Inkscape, and invert the resulting stuff again. Do. Not. Vectorize. Black. Panels. Just don’t.

Zipped SVG for those who want to play with the source code. 1.2 MB of raw goodness.

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Jorge Marquina

Greetings. Great job on your efforts to bring back such a beautiful poster. How far along are you? I want to occasionally work on this as well, would like to not duplicate efforts.