Static over DisplayPort (WHL #33F5)

Okay, I admit – this is a lazy one. But I’m busy playing Path of Exile :mrgreen:

Before removing the faulty Ednet DisplayPort cable from my desk, I gave it another shot and tried capturing the artefacts on camera. A tad difficult as I noticed that the most prominent stuff is only visible on a pure black (#000) background and is very much gone on colorful backgrounds or even patterned images. Which makes it quite hard to capture without the noise from the now pretty underexposed camera sensor. And the autofocus has nothing to focus on, because if there is, the fault goes away. Great.

Well, FHD/30fps is a bad idea with my camera then. But 720p

and goold old 640×480 will do

You most likely have to watch that video in full screen to see the individual pixels flash. WordPress doesn’t want to embed larger versions because $responsivedesign and all that new mobile yadda yadda that Google is so keen on nowadays. But who am I to say that this is horse sh!t and there needs to be an option to at least fix it to something bigger than…240p. :unsure:

Yes, that flickery stuff is not caused by the camera. That’s analogue-like static over a faulty digital cable. Wouldn’t have believed it if you told me, but that’s what I can observe with my very own eyes.

And now let’s rip that piece of turd out of my desk wire loom and replace it with something working properly. Like the Club3D 8K/DP1.4HBR3 cable shown in the last post ;)

I also hereby propose Static-over-DisplayPort (“sod” :mrgreen: ) as a new DP data mode over USB-C ;)

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