Sony to the rescue! (#E9)

I’m back, with more pixel power than ever ;)

After a bit of research in addition to the thoughts back when I bought my very first dedicated camera, I decided to go the Sony route. Sony RX100, to be specific. There are three models that fall in my price bracket for “new camera without being able to sell the old one”, that is the original RX100, the RX100M2 and the reasonably different RX100M3. There’s a very handy feature comparison over at Reisezoom which also adds data to the newer RX100 models, so before regurgitating everything for the interested folks, please pay them a visit.

The M1/M2 models have a slightly better zoom and a different focal length window compared to M3. M2 has a foldable LCD and M3 has the same with a wider angle, M1 is fixed. Can’t say much about the newer processor of the M3 and up, and I also don’t think I’ll ever use the hot shoe that is unique to the M2. M3 would have gotten better video bitrate and a more modern codec thanks to more processing grunt, but hey, I’m not a video blogger. More importantly however, M2 and up have WiFi (and NFC?) support, which was a big annoyance in the Canon. Oh, and there’s an ND filter in M2 to M5 which was very handy when doing die shots from a running 100W LED (#P8). So for my estimated “reasonable” price of 160€ – 220€ – 320€ for M1/M2/M3, I was very happy when someone offered me a slightly dinged RX100M2 (one tiny and one noticeable crack at the bottom right) with additional charger, battery and carrying case for less than 180€ including shipping, I went for it.

Also, some more legal bullshit with GEZ/Beitragsservice/Bayerischer Rundfunk is done and my dedication to not paying for propaganda TV which I cannot even watch will cause some more paperwork at those organisations. I’m happy to focus onto electronics once again, there’s so much that got done since my last post…

[Featured photo from Anna16 at Wikimedia Commons]

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