Powerbank 10000mAh mit Solar Ideal für Outdoor und Reisen alle Geräte – USB (WHL #69)

In celebration of product review number 69 I decided to exceed the regular scope and make a full-on video review of this very helpful item, showing its use in a real-world scenario with additional audio commentary available on my second channel.

No, just kidding. I really need to split the rant category into rants (not happy) and mockery (at least somewhat happy), since that one would belong into the latter. Still #69 is a pretty convenient occasion to post this as a stub.

It’s a (groan) powerbank with a rated 10Wh battery, presented for outdoor and travel use due to the novel integration of solar cells. It’s a foldable unit with the rough sizing of a phone, and the lid protects the two sheets of solar cells that can be folded flat. It’s made from 2 sheets x 2 rows x 11 cells (of uneven sizing, wtf?), and judging from the wonky lid attachment that is more like a piece of cloth/fake leather than anything outdoor-ish, it wouldn’t last too long in real use.

That thing actually sits around (gathering dust) for an entire year next week, I bought it on German eBay on August 10th 2020 for a whopping price of 24.94€. Reason for that being outdoor experiments with the ESP32 with unknown power requirements. So I gave it a shot but in the end never used it much with the ESPs. It sat on the windowsill most of that year after an initial full charge and discharge cycle, waiting to recharge via the sun.

It did so in late April 2021 according to its own four-led status display – I checked regularly. Granted, triple-insulated windows do filter most of UV and some of the highest-end blue spectrum, plus insolation angles being all-year clearly subpar in Germany on a window facing south, it’s not exactly useful even for emergency use when left unattended. Taking this on a hike and expecting it to charge a phone while being moved around on a backpack with netting covering it will absolutely not work when starting with a flat battery. Saving the money and weight for the solar cells would be preferred on outdoor trips, I’d say.

Manual spec for the solar panel is a ginormous 5.5V at 540mA = 2.97W, also allows for Micro USB charging at 1.5A, and there are two 5V USB outputs at 1A and 2A respectively. At 150mm x 82mm, even using this as the frameless size of the solar cell (which it clearly isn’t), that’ll be 242W per square meter. The top-of-the-range LG NeON R 400Wp solar modules achieve 221W/m², hence their claimed 22.1% efficacy at standardized 1000W/m² irradiation. So those power bank solar cells are clearly double layer, space-grade cells at a very reasonable price. :roll:

Anyway, since it’s crappy but not totally fake like other 100Wh (10x!) powerbank products that I bought around the same time, I never intended to review it. But when I tidied up the place lately and, like any good German, separated the packaging into foam and paper, I noticed the extraordinarily thick backing of the box. Like really sturdy compared to the flimsy lid of the over-polished (turd comes to mind?) double-packaged box for this shitty powerbank.

I opened it, and out fell a bunch test prints / misprints from this very interesting product. The “good” prints that are just miscut are shown above, and two of the bad ones are put below (backsides are either blank or have a second test print on them). It has a little demonic touch with all the colours and alignment being off, but besides that, there’s still this nagging question: How the actual FUCK does a Chinese powerbank production company source scrapped packaging material from a “proud to be made in U.S.A.” sex pill scam product? :scratch:

Googling the conveniently readable EAN barcode 609465954295 yields a “Club 69 1250mg Sexual Male Enhancement Libido Stamina Powerzen Extenzen, 4 Pk” – now that’s a nice coincidence, isn’t it.

Product fineprint: “These statements [you know, bigger, longer, better + envious neighbors] have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration [you bet!]. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease [not even little dick syndrome]. CAUTION: Do not use more than one capsule every 60 hours. Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement take one capsule 30 minutes prior to intended sexual activity with a glass of water. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years old.

To wrap it up: Don’t get scammed. Solar power banks are a marketing gag without practical use beyond the bare battery capacity, but they shouldn’t burn down your house either. Non-FDA-approved wiener pills that are likely not made in the USA contrary to the claims on the packaging: Well, different story. Don’t wreck yourself with whatever chemical waste* is put in there.

*Lyco-Pene, Tribulus Terrestirs [sic], Yohimbe, L-arginine, Damiana Leaf, Guarana, Maca, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-B12, Vitamin-D3, Zinc Oxide – plus whatever was swept up from the factory floor near the powerbank assembly line…

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