Pre-Facelift Tesla Model S LED number plate lights real-world testing (WHL #70F1)

We all know who was too busy last week to upload something, and then too lazy to fix that during the entire week…

Well, here’s a very quick but conclusive report about the exchanged number plate lighting on my car. It’s not just brighter by eye or as viewed by the camera, it’s also that much brighter to anything out there swarming around at night that somebody, I do not know their name or preferred pronouns, decided to set up shop just between number plate and lights.

Yes, it’s only around 3-4mm when curled up.

Yes, it knows how to affix the net securely, I did not see significant damage to it at speeds up to 110 km/h.

Yes, there was prey visible, so it clearly is a suitable spot for eating fresh (although sometimes one has to hold on for dear life).

Yes, it’s massive when it crawls directly above the lens and is displayed out of focus on the 17″ screen. HOLY FUCK, IT’S MASSIVE.

And yes, it problably says: “Dude, could you please turn it down a notch?”

10/10, would absolutely buy these again. Fully recommended upgrade for the car and one of your local tiny spiders.

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