Ender 5 Plus and the dimmable Lightbox (#E21F2)

A couple of prints later and the lightbox printer is now contained in the intended footprint, with no external spool holder needed anymore. A simple roll with pockets for two bearings, a piece of an old M10 threaded rod, a couple of nuts and spacers, and a small mechanical adapter to make everything fit onto the original Ender holder was all it needed. The LED panels are now connected via XT30 connectors, and a 1-to-3 adapter for these mates with the DC step-up that still needs to be integrated. Not sure if I should use the integrated 24V power supply (as that is maxed out when printing) or add another desktop power brick, and how to (nicely) integrate the dimmer circuit that is just a significantly extended potentiometer from the DC-DC converter.

Well, here’s a shot of a spool of PLA that I was able to revive – originally it shattered like uncooked spaghetti, after a freeze-and-dehumidify cycle (in a bag – air tight containers incoming tomorrow), and especially the filament feeder upgrade with a meter of PTFE tubing acting as an inverse bowden system, it does print well – all remaining 100ish grams of it. The spool holder itself has an interesting detail – it’s a CEL robox “Smart Reel”, meaning the POS has some EEPROM integrated which clearly holds color, material and weight information, and likely blocks out 3rd party spools that don’t offer that information, even if fully compatible. The spool therefore has an unusual format, and also only holds 0.65kg/240m of filament. Probably wasn’t such a big success: CEL UK no longer sells 3D printers or anything else in its online shop…

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