20cm 8″ inch ATX 4 Pin Male to 4Pin Female PC CPU Power Supply Extension Cable Cord Connector Adapter (WHL #14F1 – first follow-up)

Triple-follow-up to the WHL #14 article about the 4-Pin extension cables for desktop computer mainboards.

Since publishing the article, I managed to order two more cables from CHAINA, two different sellers, with very similar product description. At the end of January, both have arrived and have been tested immediately.
Aaand, what do you know, both were the very same make as already shown in #14. Both failed with clouds of smoke when putting 5 amps or more on them, and of course I started disputes for both of them (one pending, one resulted in a quick refund).

So basically everyone sells the very same Wan Hung Lo qualitty product, no matter what you pay for it. I’ll order more to keep my postman busy and my credit card billing sheet crowded, but I doubt there’s anything useful for sale.

But wait, there is, once again, the German electronics surplus (and sometimes crap…) store Pollin. A work colleague ordered some stuff lately, and I added one similar cable to the list. They do sell however only 30cm variants, but I don’t care much. It won’t affect wire resistance that much once a proper diameter is used, and I’m not afraid of some cable clutter in my PCs. Order number is 722 442:

See the price of 0,80€? That’s an exact match of the China sellers on AliExpress. And here’s the cable:

Looks a bit different, right? The cable marking says: “(RU symbol) AWM I A 80°C 300V FT2 HONG SHAN CHUAN”

and alternating “(RU symbol) AVM E308568 STYLE 1007 18AWG 80°C 300V VW-1”

Good thing I had the test setup for the Wan Hung Lo product still in place – I added the cable, and instead of 5 amps (rapidly declining), this puppy ate 20 amps at 3.3V nominal. That’s 165mΩ for the entire loop, and as shown in #14, that’s pretty decent and will certainly work for any PC out there.

So…for 80 cents, the Pollin one is a great deal. And it certainly will not light your computer on fire thirty seconds after startup :good:
Looks like sometimes you have to order Chinese goods in Germany to get the proper ones.

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