Theme Font & Size Changer for Thunderbird (#E6F2)

Aaaand it’s finally available as a direct download for Thunderbird (and FF / FF ESR up to 56.x) – use the addon page in your TB/FF or have a look here:

That only took 13 DAYS to approve, I’m impressed. Go Mozilla, you guys are awesome! (I kept one of the keywords for that fuckup, tyvm)

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  3. R. Nathan Brin says:

    I have Thunderbird 64 bit version 63.0.3 How do I change fonts to actual numeric sizes It seems the Thunderbird program designers have once again shamefully forgotten this important function.

  4. R. Nathan Brin says:

    Version 6.3.2 of the 64 bit Thunderbird release seems to have been released in an unfinished state. I am unable to set numerical font sizes for outgoing messages. Some idiot only allowed for sizes like small and large with only a five selection spread. I would like to be able to set point sizes from 1 to 100 as in prior versions. Is a Microsoft programmer involved somehow? There used to be an idiot nicked “savanty claus” clause who thought emails should be plain and barely readable. I hope he didn’t get involved with Thunderbird. In any event, is there a fix to restore Thunderbird to FULL font functionality?

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