Theme Font & Size Changer for Thunderbird (#E6F2)

Aaaand it’s finally available as a direct download for Thunderbird (and FF / FF ESR up to 56.x) – use the addon page in your TB/FF or have a look here:

That only took 13 DAYS to approve, I’m impressed. Go Mozilla, you guys are awesome! (I kept one of the keywords for that fuckup, tyvm)

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  2. Pter says:

    stopped working with TB v60

  3. […] post wraps up the former #E6/#E6F1 and #E6F2 posts that still contain the files for manual downloading…let’s say for the […]

  4. R. Nathan Brin says:

    I have Thunderbird 64 bit version 63.0.3 How do I change fonts to actual numeric sizes It seems the Thunderbird program designers have once again shamefully forgotten this important function.

  5. R. Nathan Brin says:

    Version 6.3.2 of the 64 bit Thunderbird release seems to have been released in an unfinished state. I am unable to set numerical font sizes for outgoing messages. Some idiot only allowed for sizes like small and large with only a five selection spread. I would like to be able to set point sizes from 1 to 100 as in prior versions. Is a Microsoft programmer involved somehow? There used to be an idiot nicked “savanty claus” clause who thought emails should be plain and barely readable. I hope he didn’t get involved with Thunderbird. In any event, is there a fix to restore Thunderbird to FULL font functionality?

  6. Steve says:

    I’ve been using this for several months now. However, something in it broke today, and I’ve been unable to make it work. There is a notice out from Mozilla about a certificate signing……

    • Bzzz says:

      Oookay, that’s bad news. My local Windows installation with TB 60.6.1 (32bit) still works, so what’s different on your side?

      • Steve says:

        I’ve got this installed on Firefox 56.0.2 (32-bit) I have a messageand a red screen on the Firefox Extensions page that says “Theme Font & Size Changer for Thunderbird could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled. I was able to get it to work temporarily by chaning my system date back to April 30 and re-starting Firefox. But then I can’t open web sites because of the date difference. Changing the date back to May 4 has Firefox and the extensions working again. According to other sources, the date “only” gets cehced once a day, so I guess this is part of my daily ritual: changing dates back and forth. BleepingComputer has put out this:

        • Bzzz says:

          Wait a minute, you’re using this with Firefox? Probably with addon version 64.3, as the more recent ones had code changes due to some Thunderbird legacy code cleanup?
          Well sorry dude, but I think that combo is way out of warranty. Furthermore, using FF56 is highly discouraged, if you want a version pre-Quantum (I still do as well), please use the FF52 ESR which is now “only” one year beyond shelf life, not 1.5y like FF56. I think Classic Theme Restorer does a great job with taming the Australis UI to my liking, if you’re not running this at the moment you should definitely have a look at it.

  7. Steve says:

    Understood, and your suggestions seem reasonable. I had already planned to address my Firefox issues, but I’m a few months late on a coding project that has priority. I just didn’t expect my browser to go all-dramatic on me in the middle of the project LOL. I’m monitoring the fixes that Mozilla are putting out. It seems that the blog over at the TOR Foundation’s site has been active over the issue, too.

    • Bzzz says:

      Nobody wants a piece of software that goes bananas for no reason, hence the ESR version for Firefox, reluctant update policy for Thunderbird, and…uhm… Linux instead of Windows on my (main) machine. Mozilla however does things on the addon database that are beyond my control, so even with a working install, you better have a complete backup including the application files because chances are you’ll never get XUL addons back that Mozilla deemed unworthy. Same goes for Debian/Ubuntu .deb files, apparently they wipe older versions completely and you’ll sometimes need shady 3rd party sources to get them back properly into your package system. Not going into full rant mode here, but if Mozilla would divert just 10% of their UI/UX botching budget to bug fixing and optimization, their market share wouldn’t be in free fall mode.

  8. Keith says:

    Any chance for an update for Thunderbird 68.2.2 ??

  9. Bob H says:

    Try the third post in the link below. It worked for me.

    In Windows the profile is in %appdata% -> Thunderbird -> (random string).default

  10. Keith says:

    Thanks for your post. The fix posted does not work for me. Very upset that a basic function like this is not part of the basic client. Older people are screwed.

  11. Bob H says:

    Keith –

    Sorry to read it didn’t work for you. It worked for me the first time. Only problem I had the font was too big so I had to reduce the number from 20 down to 18. I still might go to 16.

    All I can suggest is double checking the directory name and file name. Hopefully you pasted the text into the file to eliminate typos.

    I have Windows 10, not a LINUX system that the post was written for.

  12. Christian says:

    Hey buzz – nice add-on. Yet, it stopped working with the latest TB update to TB68.3.1. – any idea what I could do? Christian

  13. Bernie says:

    One workaround for now for scaling:

    Go to advanced preferences in Thunderbird and click on Config Editor.

    Find “font.size.systemFontScale” and adjust the scale (do so *gradually*! Try maybe 10-15 increase/decrease at a time until you get to where you want.

    Changes will show when you close the Mail window and reopen it (or restart Thunderbird).

    • w says:

      worked for me – thanks a ton!!!

    • Dan says:

      Great tip! I reset the scale to 125 (the default setting is 100) which makes TBird legible again until the new version of TFSC is available.


      Dan from NYC

    • Dean says:

      The “font.size.systemFontScale” parameter works!
      Either this setting wasn’t available or didn’t function in earlier Thunderbird versions. But now with version 68.3.1, it does.
      Thanks for posting this. It’s just what I needed.

      • Dan says:

        Which begs the question why hasn’t Mozilla made this feature easily available in TBird. Most users won’t want to play around with the config settings.

        Dan from NYC

    • James N says:

      You are the man at the hour. It works. My eyes can’t stand the small fonts for long. Bravo !!

    • Anna says:

      Thank you for posting this!

    • Kate Camp says:

      Yay! One additional instruction for those of us who really need every single step explained: Double click (on Mac) to open the dialog box where you can increase the scale. I went up to 150 and I can see clearly now. Thank you! :yahoo:

  14. Harry Snodgrass says:

    Extension just got disabled and doesn’t work with the latest update as of 1-14-2020. Any idea if the extension will be updated?


  15. Joe says:

    Any chance of an update for 68.4.1?

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