Driving a Tesla Model S and visiting tech museums in Sinsheim and Speyer (#E11)

This week I was on vacation, actually one of the first days of annual leave in 2019. Technically it was only four out of the five days and I visited the company once (for personal gain of myself and others), but I finally got away for significant amount of time. And to make it a fun experience, in additional to figuring out which car to buy, I rented a Tesla Model S 85, 12/2014, equipped with AP1 and Tech Package only. Booked via Turo for an amazing 58€ per day (three days minimum).

Enjoy an incoherent assortment of photos from those three days, in which I visited Technikmuseum Sinsheim and Technikmuseum Speyer (same association, pretty close to each other – 6h+ required each), did some 200km/h on the Autobahn to and from those locations, and generally had a good time. Cost of travel thanks to lifetime free supercharging of this vehicle: 0,00€ for a total of 756km.

My ride

My ride on my parking spot – shut up, that fits perfectly nice

Part of my daily commute that goes downhill for a reasonable amount of time

Slurping 111kW of free juice at the Satteldorf supercharger near Crailsheim

Yes, free chargey very nice, want moar, thxkbai (Speyer)

The Concorde F-BVFB in Sinsheim, mounted in take-off angle

And the Туполев Ту-144 SSSR-77112 07-1 is close by – the Tupolew is the Russian equivalent of the Concorde, both can be viewed from the inside

The hilarious Volugrafo Aermoto 125 paratrooper bike from WW2

Old important looking gear that likely never was used in any trench (max optical zoom free standing, sorry!)

More gear from the 50s/60s, a HP 608D VHF signal generator

‘murican “don’t dry your pet in the microwave” lawsuit prevention

Taking a dump at the U 9/S 188 submarine

Safety first in that sub (it’s REALLY tight and sweaty in there, and that’s with hatches fully opened)

Russian aviation connectors

And Russian aerospace plug boards. Good Lord.

The Buran OK-GLI glider prototype, hell of a machine

Same from behind, this baby was able to start on its on, no boosters required

Just your average CCCP/SSSR control cabinet

And US space crackers and dried peaches – they are spinning around, sorry for the blurred shot

That’s about it from those museums, more preposterous occurrences from my free time is scheduled as usual.

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