3D models now available on thingiverse (#E13)

Quick note mixed with a bit of a “this is stupid” rant – as there’s quite a bit of 3D models coming in the near future (say…1.5 meters of them), I decided to put that stuff on thingiverse as well. It’s still hosted and linked here on this blog, but having it duplicated on an easy-to-search platform like thingiverse might be helpful for people with limited Google-fu. It’s also a nice source of somewhat standardized renderings from those parts, which I exploited in the previous post already.

Now to the “stupid!” part: A new account on thingiverse isn’t allowed to publish things in the first 24 hours of membership. That might be a spam protection thing – but it’s stupid. I’ve uploaded (hopefully) all of the things that I have hosted here, added a photo and some itsy-bitsy description, but I’m prohibited from publishing it until tomorrow morning. Maybe that’ll work automatically because I clicked all those buttons, maybe I have to do that again once I’m eligible.

So all of the items have been linked in their blog posts already, but will only go live at some unknown hour tomorrow. Also thingiverse has some REALLY bad problems with server load right now, there have been a ton of HTTP 50x errors during upload and the page is terribly slow when it’s actually reachable. That’s usually enough to keep me from using such a site, but which free 3D model platform is big enough to compete with thingiverse that is run by a 3D printer company (Makerbot) to support their printer products? Furthermore, I don’t think there’s one competitor out there that can render and convert RS DesignSpark files into more common formats such as STL…right?

In any case, these are the eight models that my account will launch with once it’s old enough to post stuff:

  • USB-A panel mount from WHL #P13
  • SATA power panel mount from WHL #P13
  • USB Micro-B panel mount from WHL #P13F1
  • HP 6644A front panel from #P14F
  • HP 6644A back panel protector from #P14F
  • MikroTik wAP AC door jamb bracket from #P16
  • Mellanox MCX311A full height bracket from WHL #42F1
  • Hiland M644 display mount from WHL #50

Direct Link – wanhunglo on thingiverse

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