DIY USB Micro panel mount connector (#P13F1)

Oh yeah, that has been sitting around for a while…

Back in June there was a post about two connectors (#P13), and there was one more similar item that just happened to be printed a few days after that post. As far as I can tell, I never made a separate blog post about it.

Well, as there’s another short post coming later today, here’s that little item as a double whammy for today. The USB Micro-B panel mount bracket thingy.

Unsurprisingly it’s closely related to the regular USB-A panel mount case, just a little bit smaller to fit the female end of a USB Micro-to-Micro extension cord. These are still rare on AliExpress, but they can be found and they aren’t excessively expensive. The one partially shown below was 1.08€ including shipping (I bought three of them, because…why not. Also, they are handy and then there’s the environmental side of things when just buying a single one that needs to be shipped around the globe)

As I’ve been adding my 3D model stuff to thingiverse, I’ll just get the rendering from there. Heh. What a massive looking print…that is just the size of a thumb.

Real life photos from the back:

And the same with different lighting, it’s always a bit difficult with black prints, especially on other black prints…

And from the side – it’s mounted with black M2.5 screws that fit the mounting holes nicely without too much effort and without being too loose. YMMV with your individual printer settings, or, god forbid, UNC #3 screws.

Fits nicely into the front panel, except for the fact that I needed half a millimeter of additional space at the bottom (at the back) to get it into the case, but that’s not the fault of the connector. Filing it down just a little works nicely and doesn’t affect mechanical strength all that much, it has more than enough material around that mounting holes.

Again, this is held by M2.5 screws, but could be reinforced by a drop of hot snot, just like the cable that was fixed into place.

Files are available for download in the original RSDOC format, in exported STL, or over at thingiverse 4128486

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